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Fermentation Monitoring and Control for breweries.

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How does it work?

Non-contact measurement

We measure evolved Co2 to calculate your gravity measurements. Our smart gas flow meters are attached to the vent-pipe of your sealed fermenters. This means nothing to clean and no tank modifications.

Temperature control

When wired to your existing temperature controllers, the Dotmatix system gives you remote control and the ability to program set-point changes ahead of time.

Web based app

Check on your brewery from anywhere in the world! Keep a close eye on your tanks, and get your Saturday mornings back with a quick glance at your phone.
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Amazing features that will boost your productivity

Alarms if anything is awry

Have piece of mind when you're away from the brewery and set SMS alerts if any temperature or PG readings go out of range.

Remote control

Change tank temperature set-points from your phone anywhere in the world. Program a set-point change to occur at a future time.

Brew data

Keep each brew's data easily accessible for future reference. Graphs are automatically charted with PG and Temperature data and your own readings.

Accurate readings

The system is usually accurate to within 2%. With an easy to use calibration system you can improve this by adding your own hydrometer readings. The system will then automatically adjust.

Comprehensive records of your brews

Keep all your brew data together in one place. The Brew Diary system keeps your brew specific data together. PG and Temperature readings captured by the Dotmatix system are kept alongside your own data, notes and other important information.

Proven reliable hardware

The Dotmatix system has been built from the ground up using our custom built IoT platform, hardware design and software expertise. The system itself is straightforward to install and wont require any modification to your fermentation vessels.